There should be some counterplay to the lights in the cave

Gary and I have always loved to go away for the weekend or go on day trips and not much has changed now that we have Emily. In fact one of my favourite things to do is it take her somewhere I love and see her reaction. Toddlers are hard work but they really make you see the world differently and I feel lucky to see life through her eyes..

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cheap moncler Totally nailed the almost horror esque feeling of being hunted as troopers, and the predatory feeling of playing an ewok is awesome.Caves should have another entrance from above, once troopers realize it is there usually it only takes one person covering it to keep the ewoks out.Pickups should be random. The rush to grab them at the start is reminiscent of the pickups of swbf 2015, and we all know how the community feels about those.The pickup themselves is great, love the improved flashlight and weapon, the grenade is awesome too.Its tough to land the aerial attack as an ewok, seems like the hitbox is really tiny? Or maybe I just need practice. Some sort of glider would be amazing.There should be some counterplay to the lights in the cave system. cheap moncler

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