This is one spot that also offers a gluten free pancake option

Confidence overawes challengers. Cultivating confidence that is based on a sense of right of entitlement is a powerful weapon. How else can we explain the existence of dynasties such as the Kennedys, the Bushes, and the Clintons in the midst of an apparent democracy with millions of plausible candidates for high office? It is statistically improbable in the extreme.

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Order up their buttermilk pancakes which come in a stack of three and are served with butter and grade A maple syrup. Add bacon enriched caramel sauce for an extra fee to really take it to the next level. This is one spot that also offers a gluten free pancake option.

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Description : Visit the far flung climes of Malaysia, Brunei and Singapore with Cadogan’s new three country guide. Whether you are looking for beaches, culture or adventure, Cadogan will seek out the best that these three very different destinations have to offer. Discover fascinating history and thriving cultural heritage, from the staggering heights of Kuala Lumpur’s Petronas Towers to the delicious regional dishes at traditional hawker stalls.

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