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Replica Handbags Meanwhile, Disney VHS releases (particularly the animated ones) have become collectibles and part of a niche market.Most Disney releases have been duplicated by Technicolor; however, the earliest non Fotomat releases were also duplicated at US Video Corp, with a few releases afterwards, including Touchstone’s Armageddon and at least a couple of short form releases in the ’80s, being duplicated at Bell Howell/Columbia Pictures/Paramount Video Services and its successor entities from time to time.Disney Animated Canon linesnote The dates represent the first and last time Disney released a new tape and/or disc under the particular banner; some of these lines remained lame duck for another few years, as at least one entry remained or remains in print long after Disney stopped using the name. Walt Disney Classicsnote AKA The Classics: Walt Disney Home Video (1984 1994) Walt Disney Masterpiece Collection (1994 1999) Walt Disney Limited Issues (1999) Walt Disney Gold Classic Collection (2000 2001) Walt Disney Platinum Editions (2001 2009) Walt Disney Diamond Editions (2009 2015) Walt Disney Signature Collection note AKA Walt Disney: The Signature Collection (2016 current)Classic Disney Shorts/Miscellaneous Disney Shorts lines Walt Disney Cartoon Classics (1983 2006) Walt Disney Mini Classics (1988 1991) Disney Favorite Stories (1994 1996)Limited stock lines Disney’s Exclusive Archive Collection (1993 1995) Walt Disney Treasures (2001 2009)Specific programming (in addition to Disney movies) Walt Disney Television (1980 current) Disney Sing Along Songs (1986 2006) Pixar Filmography (1996 current) Studio Ghibli Filmography (1998 2015)note Distributed under other WDHV banners until 2003’s DVD debuts of Spirited Away Fake Designer Bags , Kiki’s Delivery Service, and Castle in the SkyBuena Vista Home Entertainment Jim Henson Video (1993 1996)note After Disney’s 2004 purchase of The Muppets Holding Company, home video releases of Jim Henson productions in their possession use the BVHE logo for TV shows, and the WDHE logo for movies (both theatrical and made for TV) DiC Toon Time Video (1993 2001) Miramax Films (1994 2010) ABC Studios (1995 current) Marvel Marvel Animation TV shows (2002 current) Marvel Cinematic Universe movies and shows (2012 current) Lucasfilm (2014 current)In other languages Disney en Espa Spanish dubbed cassettes in the United StatesWalt Disney Home Entertainment provides an example of Copy Protection: Ever since 1986 (at least for feature films; their other releases wouldn’t get this treatment for a year or two). Digital Piracy Is Evil: They had different FBI Warning screens throughout the years Replica Handbags.