Truthfully AWS is infinitely more supporting of their Partners

She Lex primary co conspirator in the plot to vote out the big players but she doesn have any notable story arc, nothing as interesting or flagrant as Lex business trip hypocrisy. She weeps many tears as Rob breaks the news to them that they be the next to go, to which i say WHY ARE YOU DRAGGING ROB DOWN INTO YOUR CORE OF HATRED KATHY. This was likely done to build up suspense but it also a good example of what a meandering tool Kathy is all season [i think Lanza or someone has said this was manipulated by the editors but i just judge the product].Her jury speech is kinda cathartic even if the presentation of it is uncomfortable [Rob C once compared Kathy to a battered housewife during this scene on a podcast which, while crude, is accurate].

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