Williams’ gravestone in Montgomery, Ala

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buy canada goose jacket Dr Chris Sarra is calling for a new type of indigenous leadership based on high expectations.There is a need for both a new approach to Indigenous leadership canada goose jacket outlet toronto and a new relationship between Australia and its Indigenous citizens, argues Indigenous educator Dr Chris Sarra. This relationship needs to be based on respect and high expectations, rather than victimhood or victim blaming.In my own assessments of Aboriginal leadership over time, one can observe three categories of leadership: those who focus on being the victim; those who focus on booting the victim; and those who focus beyond victim status, or what I would call ‘Stronger Smarter’ leadership.Before I go on, let me first challenge an unspoken convention canada goose outlet parka amongst Aboriginal Australians. The convention I speak of here is one in which we are encouraged to refrain from practices of ‘lateral violence’ and do not attack each other publicly. buy canada goose jacket

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